Announcing Speakers and Agenda for InfluxDays London 2019

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Announcing Speakers and Agenda for InfluxDays 2019 London<figcaption> InfluxDays is coming to London on 13 - 14 June</figcaption>

InfluxDays is coming to London on 13 - 14 June, and our speakers and agenda have been finalized. This year, we’re bringing in leaders from organizations like Worldsensing and Playtech for keynotes, giving insight into real-world time series and InfluxDB uses. InfluxData team members from around the globe will be on-site as well: hosting hands-on technical workshops, giving exclusive updates on the future of InfluxDB 2.0, highlighting advancements on Flux, and showing off new product features.

Attendees will get to see how other users are using time series data (the fastest-growing segment in the database market), learn how to use InfluxData to get the most out of their data, and learn best practices for optimizing DevOps infrastructure and application monitoring, real-time analytics, and IoT applications.

Attendees will hear from guest speakers Julius Volz, co-founder of Prometheus, presenting on Creating the PromQL Transpiler for Flux, Aleksandr Tavgen at Playtech on Using InfluxDB for Full Observability of a SaaS Platform, Albert Zaragoza from Worldsensing talking about a Real-World Use Case for Flux, and Jeroen Coussement from on Using the Open Source OPC-UA Client and Server for Your IoT Solutions.

We’ll also have Influxers on-hand giving talks like:

Plan on joining us at InfluxDays in London to meet other community members passionate about time series and learn how you can do more with InfluxData. We’ve got the full agenda here. Go ahead and register today to save your spot. Save 20% off your tickets with promo code BLOG. See you there!