Use InfluxDB to collect sensor and device metrics from factories, manufacturing plants, satellites, and smart devices.
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Why use InfluxDB?

Built for developers, InfluxDB is central to many IoT solutions providing high throughput ingestion, compression and real-time querying of that same data.


Industrial IoT

Providing real-time insight and analytics into manufacturing processes — collecting, storing and visualizing sensor data from sensors, devices, and industrial equipment.

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Enterprise IoT

Collecting sensor metrics from smart buildings, campuses, and smart cities. Enabling business apps to connect with physical objects and enterprise systems.

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Consumer IoT

Using sensor metrics ingested from DIY projects and smart home devices to gain cost, operational and performance insights.

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Startups to Fortune 500 enterprises are building applications with InfluxDB.

“You can design your database in several different ways. It’s just a matter of trying and seeing which one works best for you.”

Dr. Angelo Fausti, Software Engineer, Vera C. Rubin Observatory

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