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Discover how manufacturing organizations use InfluxDB to collect sensor metrics to gain real-time insights into factories, machines, and industrial facilities.

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Learn from leading manufacturing organizations how to use InfluxDB to gain visibility into sensors, devices, and industrial equipment. By collecting and analyzing time-stamped data, companies can reduce machine downtime that hurts the bottom line by adopting and improving predictive maintenance strategies.

As a result, the top manufacturing organizations use the InfluxDB platform to increase output and improve safety.


Olympus Controls Texas Instruments Volvo

“We needed a database with historical capabilities — InfluxDB was a perfect choice for that as it is a high performance database that is optimized for storing time series data.”

Dr. Göran Appelquist,
CTO, Crosser


Why use InfluxDB for manufacturing?

Built for developers, InfluxDB is central to many Industrial IoT solutions providing high data ingestion, compression and querying of data. Manufacturing engineers use the purpose-built time series platform to process data at the edge and replicate it in the cloud.

With 300+ plugins to choose from, use your preferred IIoT protocol (e.g., MQTT, Modbus, OPC-UA) to store, process and analyze sensor data into InfluxDB.

Improve factory operations
  • Use sensor data to gain insights into specific machine conditions (i.e. vibration, temperature, etc.)
  • Aggregate all machinery data to create a single source of truth
  • Better safety across manufacturing plants
Increase profitability
  • Increase factory output by reducing silos across organizations
  • Enable predictive maintenance resulting in reduced machine downtime
  • Simplify processes by Increasing overall equipment effectiveness
Modernize the manufacturing industry
  • Replace legacy historians allowing for better Industry 4.0 monitoring
  • Create digital twins used to detect reliability threats
  • Able to ingest sensor metrics quickly at scale

Why InfluxDB

Built for developers, InfluxDB is central to many manufacturing solutions providing high throughput ingestion, compression, and real-time querying of industrial sensor data. Manufacturing, automation, system, and process engineers use InfluxDB to collect IIoT sensor data used to reduce machine downtime, improve manufacturing output and improve plant safety. Use InfluxDB as a central platform where all IIoT metric data can be integrated and centrally monitored.

InfluxDB Architecture Diagram 2023-08-03 NS (2)


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