InfluxDB 2.0 Documentation is Now Open Source

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Special thanks to Kelly Seivert, Nora Mullen, and Will Pierce

Greetings, InfluxData community! ????

In January, we released InfluxDB 2.0 alpha with draft documentation. With each incremental alpha release, we’ve iteratively updated the docs. Most recently, we published content for InfluxDB Cloud 2.0. Since the initial 2.0 alpha release, the 2.0 documentation source code has been kept in a private GitHub repository. Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work: curating content to address common InfluxDB use cases, standardizing structure and style, and increasing the depth of content.

Today we’re open-sourcing the InfluxDB 2.0 documentation!

Optimize your time to awesome

To deliver useful, informative InfluxDB 2.0 documentation, we’re crafting content using a task-based approach. We’re organizing content by common tasks to perform, rather than by feature. We’ve separated conceptual and reference information from procedures.

Our goal: less time reading, more time building cool stuff with InfluxDB.

Our commitment to you

We believe when project maintainers and users collaborate, the end product is always better. Your viewpoint, insight, and use case may be one we haven’t considered or addressed. Share your goals with us. We’re committed to:

  • Our community
  • Open source
  • Better solutions

Our docs are “ever-evolving” – growing and changing to address your needs. Your contributions make a difference. Our hope in open sourcing the InfluxDB 2.0 documentation is to open the doors for community contributions and feedback. We want and need your help to create documentation that addresses the needs of our community and inspires new and interesting ways to use InfluxDB.

Ways to contribute

Find unclear or inaccurate information…a typo or a broken link? Missing content? Let us know! Submit an issue or a pull request on the InfluxDB 2.0 documentation repository. We welcome all contributions!