Running InfluxDB on an ARTIK-520 REDUX

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David Simmons has written a great blog on his experience on running InfluxDB on an ARTIK-520 REDUX.  What really amazed me is how quick he was able to download and get it running in 90 seconds! – Yes 90 seconds!

First, I’ll say that getting it all up and running was absolutely dead simple. Like your VP of Marketing can do it. I downloaded all the components and started them up.  There are a bunch of moving parts here, so you need to make sure to get them all. There’s InfluxDB, which is (obviously) the database portion. Sort of key to the whole thing. There’s also Telegraf, which is a data ingestion engine. Then there’s Chronograf, which is a really nifty visualization and analysis tool. Finally there’s Kapacitor which handles the whole “Action” part for you.

I was able to download and install all the parts in about 5 minutes — maybe less — and get the whole thing up and running. I even built my first dashboard to monitor the CPU and Memory usage of the ARTIK-520 in about a minute and a half. - David Simmons

Fast forward a few days and he was about to show his dashboards again and nothing came up!  Problem solved, the ARTIK-520 had rebooted and the influxdb, chronograf, telegraf, etc. process hadn’t automatically started at boot time. Naturally, as any good developer or technical hacker, he needed to fix it!

This annoyed me. I fixed it, and then wrote up how others can fix it too.

Read the follow-up blog on how he fixed it!

Thanks David for your insight and sharing your experience with us.

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