InfluxDB Week in Review - April 11, 2016

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In this post we’ll recap the most interesting InfluxDB related content you may have missed in the last week or so.

Announcements, Blogs, Videos, Articles, Docs and How-Tos


tavisca logo

Tavisca delivers a variety of technology solutions for the travel industry. Their PCI PA-DSS compliant online travel booking engine comes pre-integrated with over 40 travel inventory suppliers. Tavisca’s platform handles over a million travel searches per day with 10,000 bookings per day across 55 suppliers, 900 airlines and 800,00 hotels globally.

InfluxDB is used for real-time analytics of Tavisca’s Vexiere service and the servers it runs on. Vexiere is part of Tavisca’s booking platform that acts as a centralized application for user profile and authentication management.


giant swarm logo

With Giant Swarm you can easily build, deploy, and manage your containerized services. There are no restrictions regarding programming languages, frameworks, or databases. They offer an opinionated solution for microservice architectures, but keep it flexible enough to change the microservice tooling to your own liking and needs.

InfluxDB is used in conjunction with cAdvisor to gather metrics on the containers leveraged in both the hosted and on premise microservices architectures.


learnzillion logo

LearnZillion was looking into collecting, storing, and visualizing host and application level metrics from their applications. They liked what the TICK-stack had to offer in meeting those needs: composable systems that are self-contained and easily extendible. Since they use Salt Stack to manage configurations on their instances, they first searched for existing formulas to deploy Telegraf to their instances. Unfortunately, there was no such formula available, so they decided to write one and publish it themselves. The telegraf-formula will install and setup Telegraf on Debian or Red Hat-based systems. The formula gives users an easy way to describe various inputs, outputs, and global_tags via yaml in Salt’s pillar.

LearnZillion helps teachers and parents meet the academic needs of their students. They do that by providing an open, cloud-based curriculum. LearnZillion helps teachers, schools, and districts improve instruction, track student performance, and better respond to the specific needs of their students.

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