InfluxDB Week in Review - October 5, 2015

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In this post we’ll recap the most interesting InfluxDB related content you may have missed in the last week or so.

Blogs, Articles and How-Tos


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Mirantis is the pure play OpenStack company, providing all the software, services, training and support you need to run a production deployment of OpenStack at scale. InfluxDB is used to store and query the time-series they collect at the OpenStack infrastructure level. The use of InfluxDB is part of a larger logging, monitoring and alerting toolchain they provide as Fuel plugins for Mirantis OpenStack monitoring. Check out the Fuel Plugins Catalog to learn more or watch the video.



Datacentred is a Manchester, UK-based startup offering public and private cloud services based on OpenStack and Ceph, as well as datacenter colocation. Datacentred is the biggest UK-owned and operated OpenStack public cloud provider. They are heavily focused on open-source, members of the Linux Foundation, plus sponsors the OpenStack project. Datacentred is an avid user of Graphite in conjunction with Grafana, however the pain of scaling the former hit them early which led them to evaluating alternatives. InfluxDB won out based on its features, performance, ease of deployment and technical roadmap. They are currently in the process of migrating their existing performance monitoring infrastructure away from collectd + Graphite over to telegraf and InfluxDB.

CATS Software


CATS is a an applicant tracking system used by thousands of companies all over the world. It manages the entire hiring process, from posting jobs and screening candidates to reporting on hiring campaigns. They host career portals to manage incoming applications and provide powerful searching, reporting, and workflow tools for internal hiring, recruiters and staffing agencies. What did they find compelling about InfluxDB? Ease of deployment, awesome query language and simple API. Telegraf made it incredibly easy for them to monitor instance metrics, and the nice web interface was a huge bonus. They replaced Graphite with InfluxDB with almost no hassle, and have been super happy with the results so far.

TL;DR Tech Tips

Accessing InfluxDB logs on CentOS

Q: Where can I find the InfluxDB logs on CentOS 7?

A: When when using a distribution that relies on systemd, the usual sysv init scripts are no longer used and output is captured by journald. Logs related to InfluxDB can be accessed by using the commandjournalctl -u influxdb.

SNMP collector for InfluxDB 0.9.x

Q: Is there an SNMP collector for InfluxDB 0.9.x?

A: Thanks to Paul Stuart, there is now an SNMP collector written in Go that supports InfluxDB 0.9.0 and higher.

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