CRN | 10 Data Analytics Vendors To Watch In 2018

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Publication: CRN
Title: 10 Data Analytics Vendors To Watch In 2018
Author: Rick Whiting

Abstract: CRN, on 1/1/2018, published a list of the “10 Data Analytics Vendors To Watch In 2018” and selected InfluxData among them. The article features InfluxData CEO Evan Kaplan and profiles InfluxData’s stack and its value proposition for Internet of Things, DevOps monitoring and real-time analytics. The rationale behind the choice of 10 analytics vendors selected, as stated in the article’s introduction, is that “Yesterday’s tools for developing static reports based on historical data…look downright primitive next to the latest generation of software for analyzing streaming data in real time” and that the selected vendors are “developing the next generation of big data and business analytics software.” Click the button below to read the full article.

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