IoT Evolution | The Benefits of Deploying IoT for Clean Energy

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Publication: IoT Evolution Title: The Benefits of Deploying IoT for Clean Energy Author: Michal Knizek

Abstract: This article by Michal Knizek, IoT Cloud Server Development at tado, puts in perspective the advantages of deploying IoT for clean energy, in the context of the expected surge in smart homes in the coming years and rising demand  for smart home technologies. Knizek introduces tado, a company focused on home climate control, and discusses how tado is fulfilling its mission of “smart energy management without sacrificing comfort.” For its time series data processing and storage needs, tado chose InfluxData. “InfluxData enabled us to store and process IoT sensor data at scale in a cost effective way. We also take advantage of the InfluxDB Cloud offering which reduces our maintenance and administration effort and lets us focus on our core business,” writes Knizek.

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