Why I Joined InfluxData - Lyndal Cairns

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Lyndal Cairns InfluxData

Ask five copywriters about their career paths and you’ll get five different stories. Mine has certainly been unconventional. From my start in music journalism through the heady early days of online news websites, many years in nonprofits, and a stint in travel tech, three values have propelled me: Community, integrity, and purpose. At InfluxData, I think I have found my trifecta.

1. Community: The team really cares that I do well

Meetings at nearly every company start with a “hello, how are you?” At InfluxData, it is two sentences. People seem to genuinely care how you’re doing and how they can help. As a writer, you spend a lot of time talking to the walls. That’s fine — it’s an important part of the process. But so is having a team you can collaborate and share ideas with.

2. Integrity: We have a great product that we dogfood ourselves

I have worked with a lot of tech companies and I can tell you that most marketing departments are at arm’s length from their products. They understand the technology enough — they think — to do their jobs. Often they don’t and it shows: Blogs and emails devolve into gibberish. Ads are riddled with meaningless buzzwords. And the tweets. My god, the tweets.

At InfluxData, I see widespread commitment to understanding the things we build and how our users and customers get value from them. That informs and elevates our work.

3. Purpose: Accelerating my own time to awesome

Though sometimes it takes a herculean effort to get there, great content feels like magic. At this stage of my career, I am looking for the support and space to create really beautiful things. My goal is to seize every opportunity to improve and I feel like I can do that here. So let’s make magic! ?