Get the most out of your data with InfluxDB Cloud on Google


Built for developers

InfluxDB Cloud is easy to start and easy to scale; purpose-built and optimized for time to awesome.


Trusted by Ops

Acting on time series data is easy with InfluxDB Cloud — deep insights for unified metrics and events.

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Vital to business

Capture and analyze untapped data from virtual and physical assets to seize new opportunities.

Purpose-built to help you focus on the data that matters


Built for time

InfluxDB Cloud is a high-performance data store written specifically for time series data. It allows for high throughput ingest, compression and real-time querying. InfluxDB Cloud can handle millions of data points per second.


Get data from everywhere

Getting insights from your systems, stacks and sensors is easy. InfluxDB Cloud connects right to Telegraf, a plugin-driven server agent for collecting and sending metrics and events from almost anywhere.


Deeper insights

InfluxDB Cloud is equipped with Flux, our powerful language that allows developers to see across time. Now it is possible to find hidden meaning in data, more accurately detect anomalies, power notifications, and act in time.

Monitor metrics from any stack, sensor or system


Full observability for DevOps teams

Built for developers, InfluxDB Cloud provides visibility across all your stacks and applications. From nanosecond precision to 99.999% uptime, it’s designed to handle the toughest standards at scale.


Real-time IoT insights and analytics

InfluxDB Cloud is built to handle millions of metrics a second and identify patterns, predict the future, control systems, and turn real-time and historical insights into action.

Get the most out of your time series data

InfluxDB Cloud is a purpose-built data platform designed to handle all time series data, from users, sensors, applications and infrastructure — seamlessly collecting, storing, visualizing, and turning insight into action. With a library of more than 200 open source plugins, importing and monitoring data from any system is easy.

Get started today with InfluxDB Cloud

  • Elastic scalability
  • Deploy monitoring solutions in minutes
  • Usage-based pricing integrated in Google Cloud bill
  • Fully managed
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"We recently introduced InfluxDB as our first-class time series database system, where we had the opportunity to work directly with InfluxData to ensure we were on a path that is scalable, robust, and in line with the future direction of their platform."

Mike Bell
Manager, Wayfair

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