Why monitor network performance?


Network availability

Don’t risk losing host reachability and downtime — and failing to meet your SLA’s.

Network responsiveness

Control latency and packet loss to ensure your network remains suitable for your applications.

Network bandwidth consumption

Stay on top of bandwidth load at the interface, and set up alerts before the interface is completely saturated.

InfluxData support for network monitoring.

  • Ping integration: The Telegraf Ping Input Plugin sends a ping message by executing the system ping command and reports the results.
  • SNMP integration: The Telegraf SNMP plugin gathers metrics from SNMP agents. It provides a solution for SNMP data collection and analytics using InfluxData’s platform.
  • Syslog integration: Telegraf can be deployed as a syslog collector with the Telegraf Syslog plugin. Syslog messages are sent from the monitored device to the IP address of the collector.

Put network monitoring with InfluxDB and Telegraf to work for you.

  • Gain a holistic view of your network performance monitoring by feeding data into a centralized time series platform.
  • Ensure responsive and performant networks in your hybrid, distributed and containerized environments.
  • Deliver consistent and predictable network performance to protect the dataflow sustaining your IT operations and applications.

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Network monitoring made easy

Start using InfluxDB and Telegraf for better network performance and earlier detection. Experience a faster time to awesome right now.