InfluxDB Insights

Peace of mind for your InfluxDB instance with continuous monitoring and intelligence with InfluxDB Insights.

What is InfluxDB Insights?

InfluxDB Insights brings outsourced system monitoring and issue diagnosis to an on-premises environment.

Why use InfluxDB Insights?

Maintaining a healthy InfluxDB instance is vital since it is used to monitor your critical applications and infrastructure.

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    Stability & predictability

    Get reliable, outsourced alert monitoring to improve uptime and system performance

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    Speed to resolution

    Proactively identifying potential issues before they become service affecting

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    Focus on what matters most

    Leave the configuration, monitoring, and diagnosis of cluster health alerts to the experts

Key features

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    Out-of-the-box cluster health alerts

    Receive a package of fully pre-configured cluster health alerts based on best practice insights from the experts at InfluxData.

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    Cluster health telemetry and log details

    Cluster/node metrics and statistics are continuously made accessible to Influx Support for accurate diagnosis of issues.

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    Alert monitoring

    Influx Support monitors for these cluster health alerts 24/7/365.

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    Prescriptive diagnosis

    When an alert is detected, Influx Support diagnoses the cause and proactively provides recommendations for corrective action.

How it works


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