InfluxDB for Aerospace and Satellites

Gain real-time insights for satellite communications, remote sensing, space exploration, and other space-related processes

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Aerospace and Satellites

Discover how aerospace, outer space, and satellite organizations use InfluxDB to collect data and gain real-time insights into mission-critical equipment, like telescopes, aircrafts, drones, spacecrafts, orbiting satellites, and more.


Olympus Controls Loft Orbital Thales Alenia Space

“By using InfluxDB, I knew it would revolutionize the relationship our engineers have with the [time stamped] data that we get – they are now able to really quickly understand what’s going on and make decisions and fly spacecrafts more safely.”

Caleb MacLachlan,
Senior Spacecraft Operations Software Engineer, Loft Orbital


Why use InfluxDB for Aerospace and Satellites?

Whether you focus on satellite-to-satellite communication, space-to-earth sensing, or deep space exploration, aerospace and outer space organizations rely on time series data to monitor their critical equipment. Distributed across the atmosphere, or even the galaxy, these devices require constant monitoring to ensure they function properly in the harsh conditions of space.

InfluxDB creates reliable, durable data pipelines that collect data from every possible component of these devices. Purpose-built for time series data, InfluxDB collects, stores, and analyzes data in real-time.

Use InfluxDB to collect time-stamped data from telescopes, aircrafts, drones, spacecrafts, orbiting satellites, and other equipment. This enables organizations to take immediate action to manage and troubleshoot devices that are thousands of miles away and beyond the scope of normal maintenance routines. InfluxDB enables better predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and operational insights. InfluxDB helps power these models by collecting billions of IoT sensor, telemetry, and infrastructure time series data points in real-time.

Ecosystem-wide insights
  • Pinpoint satellite location and movement over time
  • Reduce carbon footprint, enhance sustainability
  • Track signal strength changes and optimize performance
Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Eliminate data silos and simplify data pipelines
  • Ingest high velocity, high cardinality data at scale
  • Store more data in less space with high-ratio compression
Reliable data pipelines
  • Collect and process data at the point of origin
  • Queue-based service pushes data to the cloud
  • Durable data pipelines work through connectivity issues

Why InfluxDB

InfluxDB provides unrivaled data ingest and compression capabilities, as well as extensive integration and interoperability with other systems and tools. Designed specifically for time series data, InfluxDB optimizes analysis and delivers real-time insights that enable organizations to make decisions quickly. InfluxDB has the tools to efficiently collect, store, process, and analyze data from any physical or virtual sensor or system (e.g., MQTT, Modbus, OPC-UA, etc.).

Aerospace and satellite organizations’ ability to quickly adopt technology will impact their success (i.e. cloud-first infrastructures, better AI algorithms, and more accurate ML models). Collecting sensor, application, and hardware metrics in real-time improves response times, reduces failure rates, and accelerates time to market. InfluxDB lets you integrate and monitor all your device data in a central platform, collecting data at the edge, processing and analyzing it, and reliably replicating it to the cloud.

InfluxDB Architecture Diagram 2023-08-03 NS (2)


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