This FinTech solution using InfluxDB provides developers with real-time insights into financial data and the infrastructure and apps supporting blockchains and currencies.

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Why a purpose-built time series database?

Time-stamped data is ingested, collected, and transformed by developers to trigger workflows or alerts. The data includes measurements or events that are tracked, monitored, downsampled, and aggregated over time.

Why InfluxDB for FinTech?

Decentralization — through blockchains and cryptocurrency, is drawing customer attention and wallets, forcing traditional banks, lenders, and other fiat-dependent finance to quickly adapt with new technology, applications, and services.

Keep the change

Too many promising new financial apps and services end up as expensive experiments because their developers failed early on to consider their most significant asset — the real-time streams of data from their software, infrastructure, and customers.

How InfluxDB can help

Whether you are building for embedded finance, peer-to-peer loans, or even a new online bank, you can use InfluxDB to capture, store, and analyze data from your customers, apps, and front, middle, and back office transactions. Give your teams the visibility and insights in your technology stack, infrastructure, and customers.

Getting started

InfluxDB stores all of the data using a time series index, meaning the precise timestamp is used to organize, order, and analyze the events that represent the activity of your technology and customers. Analyze and report on this data using InfluxDB to improve customer experience, app performance, or even identify fraud and other security threats. Start using Telegraf and InfluxDB to gain better insights into your apps, networks, containers, routers, switches, private and public clouds, and environments.

The functional architecture of the InfluxData FinTech platform


“InfluxDB has a very awesome stack, which gave us everything we needed when constructing the system.”

Allison Wang, Software Engineer, Robinhood

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