InfluxCloud with Multi-Tenant Grafana

Recorded : October 2016
In this video, Jack Zampolin will show you how to configure access to different groups and users to view the information that InfluxCloud collects.

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• Jack Zampolin: Developer Evangelist, InfluxData

Jack Zampolin 00:00.893 Today we’re going to be configuring a multi-tenant Grafana on InfluxCloud. I’ve gone ahead and spun up a cloud instance here as well as bought the Grafana Node add-on. Once that’s spun up, just pop open the slider. Any configuration options that you need for that Grafana instance are exposed through the configuration widget. More information on Grafana configuration options is available in their documentation. To access the instance, just grab that URL right there and jump over. The username and password by default is admin, admin. You’re probably going to want to change that first thing, so to do that, just click admin there and change password. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to want to create a new organization, so just click New Organization there, and we’re going to call our new org Foo. Once you’ve created that, add your data source. So our data source is going to be this cloud instance. We’re going to need this cluster address here. So it’s going to be an InfluxDB-type data source. We’re going to call it My DB. We do want that to be our default. The URL is going to be HTTPS, that address, 8086. And our database is going to be Telegraf. And our user admin. And I think we want our default group by to be 10 seconds. So that data source is working. So once we’ve done that, we might want to add some users. Pretty easy to add new users. And with all that configuration set, you’re ready to start building dashboards.


Jack Zampolin 02:36.699 Very cool.

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