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A Detailed Guide to SQL's BETWEEN Operator

This post was written by Pius Aboyi. Scroll down for the author’s bio. SQL provides many operators that you can use to filter data in your queries based on specific conditions. For instance, when you need to get data with a...

A Guide to Working with the Dateutil Module in Python

This post was written by Siddhant Varma. Scroll down to view the author’s profile. Python is a highly versatile language. From software engineering to machine learning and data analysis, it’s everywhere. As a multipurpose scripting and programming language, it’s often utilized...

Distributed Database Architecture: What Is It?

This article, written by Alexander Fridman, was originally published in The New Stack and is reposted here with permission. Scroll below for the author’s profile. A look at the different types, their benefits and drawbacks, and how to design one. Databases...

A Detailed Guide to Formatting Dates in SQL

In modern software applications, time-stamped data is a common requirement. As a software developer or database administrator, you know that formatting dates is crucial for ensuring data accuracy and consistency. But with so many date formats and SQL engines out there,...

SQL Date Functions: A Detailed Guide

SQL provides a date type that developers can use to store date values. Also, to make working with dates easier, SQL has several date functions for retrieving, formatting, and manipulating dates. In this post, you’ll learn about some SQL date functions...

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