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Josh Powers

Josh Powers

Josh Powers is a Senior Engineer on the Telegraf team at InfluxData. He designs and develops the future of Telegraf, assists customers, and reviews community pull requests. Before he joined InfluxData, he worked on open source and Linux at Canonical and HP. Josh holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Apple M1 and RISC-V Support for Telegraf

Telegraf is the open-source server agent to help you collect metrics from your stacks, sensors, and systems. Telegraf supports almost a dozen architectures across Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and Windows operating systems. With the release of Telegraf v1.21.2, InfluxData is excited to...

Plugin Spotlight: Exec & Execd

Telegraf comes included with over 200+ input plugins that collect metrics and events from a comprehensive list of sources. While these plugins cover a large number of use cases, Telegraf provides another mechanism to give users the power to meet nearly...

Docker: Run Telegraf as non-root

The Telegraf 1.20.3 release changed the official Telegraf DockerHub image to no longer run the Telegraf service as root. With this change, the Telegraf service runs with the least amount of privileges in the container to enhance security given the wide...

Getting Started with Telegraf

Telegraf is a plugin-driven agent for collecting, processing, aggregating and writing metrics and events. Telegraf ships as a single binary with no external dependencies that runs with a minimal footprint and a plugin system that supports many popular services. Telegraf is...

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