Introducing Developer Support from InfluxData

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InfluxData is singularly focused on building the best time series data platform. Our purpose-built stack for metrics and events is becoming the de facto solution for ingesting, querying and processing time series data. As a company, we have always focused on faster ‘Time to Awesome’ for developers and always made concerted efforts to deliver the features needed by the developer community.

Now, we are taking the next step in supporting our vibrant and growing open source community. Our open source users have been asking us to support the open source version of InfluxDB for a while. We have always provided support for Enterprise and Cloud versions, but the developer support for open-source InfluxDB has been missing and developers have been relying on forums etc. to get support from other users. While support from other users is always helpful, sometimes developers are working on time-sensitive projects, they need help in a timely manner to meet their objectives.

Today, we are happy to announce Developer Support for Telegraf, InfluxDB and Chronograf which will help open source users to get formal support from InfluxData. Now, open source users have an option to receive email support to get their questions answered, problems solved and receive guidance on the best practices.

We hope that this new support offering will help developers achieve their goals, speed up InfluxDB adoption and get them on a fast track to solving their time series problems. This new support option does not change how existing Enterprise and Cloud customers are supported. As always, we will continue to provide tutorials, webinars and open documentation to support developers.

You can find more information about this support offering here, and reach out to our team to sign up using the ‘Contact Us’ button on the page or via Chat.