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Al Sargent

How to Use Starlark with Telegraf

Our Telegraf Starlark Processor Plugin is an exciting new processor in Telegraf 1.15 that gives you the flexibility of performing various operations in Telegraf using the Starlark language. What is Starlark, you ask? Starlark (formerly known as Skylark) is a language...

Samantha Wang

Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.15.2

A new maintenance release for Telegraf is available now. Telegraf 1.15.2  release notes This maintenance release of Telegraf includes improvements to the following plugins: Agent Fixed issue with RPM /var/log/telegraf permissions Tail Input (tail) Fixed an issue with the Tail Input Plugin where the...

Tim Hall

Release Announcement: Kapacitor 1.5.6

A new maintenance release for Kapacitor is available now. Kapacitor 1.5.6 release notes Important Highlight: We’ve recently updated the package validation mechanics to use SHA-256. Versions prior to 1.5.5 used MD5 which had some known security vulnerabilities.    This release for Kapacitor...

Samantha Wang

Release Announcement: Telegraf 1.15.1

NOTE: This release of Telegraf replaces the 1.15.0 release which impacted non-amd64 packages. We encourage all users to install 1.15.1, which includes the features, new plugins, and bug fixes below.  A new feature-bearing release for Telegraf is now available Telegraf 1.15.1  release...

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