InfluxDB Cloud

Purpose-built database designed to handle, manage, and scale large time series workloads.

Easy to start, easy to scale

Time to Awesome means you are up and running in minutes

InfluxDB Cloud is fully managed so you don’t need to provision infrastructure or manage clusters. Optimized to handle all time series data – metrics, events, logs, and traces – in one place, InfluxDB Cloud eliminates cardinality limits, delivers low latency queries, provides high data compression, which lower costs, and SQL support.

InfluxDB Cloud Getting Started Guide

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    Build it your way

    Familiar tools enable higher productivity

    InfluxDB has multiple options for writing and working with data. Choose from over a dozen client libraries, 300+ Telegraf plugins, native SQL support for querying, and Flight SQL for integrating with third-party tools. Use what you know to build something awesome.

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    Supports millions of metrics per second

    Designed to ingest millions of datapoints per second, InfluxDB Cloud can collect, store, and analyze large time series datasets without a drop in performance. Derive value from the massive volume of time-stamped data produced by sensors, applications, and infrastructure. InfluxDB automatically scales to meet your compute and storage needs, and you only pay for what you use.

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    Vibrant ecosystem of tools for builders

    Supported by some of the most popular dev tools

    Extend the value of your time series data to other ecosystems. InfluxDB Cloud supports dashboarding tools like Grafana and Apache Superset natively. Use Flight SQL to quickly integrate with compatible tools, or leverage integrations available in other ecosystems, such as Vector, Apache NiFi, OpenHAB, Apache JMeter, and FluentD.

Featured customers:


"Bboxx turned to InfluxData's core time series database, InfluxDB, because "it was a fire up and forget database — it just worked!"


"With InfluxData, PipelineFX is able to measure utilization every minute and bill at a very high frequency. This high level of granularity ensures that customers get a great return on their investment in PipelineFX."

Vonage Success Story

Previously, the only thing we could react to was customer complaints. With InfluxData, we can support our 99,999% service agreement proactively.

Give it a spin

Start gathering metrics with InfluxDB Cloud to empower your team and your applications. Experience a faster Time to Awesome right now.

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