InfluxDB Cloud Pricing

Access the most powerful time series database as a service — with usage-based pricing.

Why pay for what you don’t use?

With a usage-based pricing model, InfluxDB Cloud users are charged based on the work performed. Because of this, users no longer have to allocate or size a server as a prerequisite for running workloads – which is impossible to do. Flexible to expand as your workloads increase or contract, usage-based pricing saves you from overpaying for over-provisioned managed services costs or facing outages due to underprovisioning.

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    Free Plan

    InfluxDB Cloud’s Free Plan is rate-limited. Designed to be the fastest time to awesome for anyone getting started or the hobbyist. Create a few dashboards, queries and access a high-performing time series database.

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    Usage-Based Plan

    InfluxDB Cloud’s usage-based plan removes all the rate-limiting of the Free Plan and is designed to only charge you for the work that is performed – write, query, and storage.

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    Sample Configurations

    We charge you only on your actual workloads. Here are some sample configurations and their prices.

    • Hobby – A single user monitoring a few machines and/or sensors [approximately $50/month]
    • Standard – Our most common offering – usually a single team getting real-time visibility into a single set of use cases [approximately $150/month]
    • Professional – Typical usage patterns for users monitoring multiple disparate systems and/or use cases [approximately $500/month]
    • Enterprise – Cross-domain and use case monitoring with multiple teams accessing a variety of dashboards [approximately $1,500/month]

InfluxDB Cloud Offerings

  • Writes
  • Queries
  • Dashboards
  • Tasks
  • Databases
  • Alert Handler
  • Data Retention
  • Cardinality
  • Alert Checks and Notification Rules
  • Storage
Free Plan
Free Plan
  • Writes 5MB/5 minutes
  • Queries 300MB/5 minutes
  • Dashboards 5
  • Tasks 5
  • Databases 2
  • Alert Handler Slack only
  • Data Retention 30 days
  • Cardinality Up to 10,000 series
  • Alert Checks and Notification Rules 2 Alert Checks and 2 Notification Rules
  • Storage -
Usage-Based Plan
Usage-Based Plan
  • Writes $0.0015/MB
  • Queries $0.0015/second
  • Dashboards Unlimited
  • Tasks Unlimited
  • Databases Unlimited
  • Alert Handler Slack, HTTP and PagerDuty
  • Data Retention Unlimited
  • Cardinality Up to 1,000,000 series
  • Alert Checks and Notification Rules Unlimited
  • Storage $0.0015/GB-hr
Annual Plans
Annual Plans

InfluxDB Cloud Support

Free Plan
Free Plan
  • Community forum
  • Slack
  • Monitored 24×7
  • Email-based support (business hours) Not available
  • Email-based support (24×7) Not available
  • Dedicated customer success Not available
  • Enterprise SLAs Not available
  • Professional Services Not available
Usage-Based Plan
Annual Plans
Annual Plans


InfluxDB Cloud 2.0

Find out more about InfluxData’s next generation Cloud platform. The whole system has been rewritten as a multi-tenanted, time series service.

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