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Access the most powerful time series database as a fully managed service — with usage-based pricing.

Why pay for what you don’t use?

With a transparent usage-based pricing model, InfluxDB Cloud users are charged only on the work performed. Users no longer have to engage in capacity planning to allocate or size a server as a prerequisite for running workloads. Backed by a platform that elastically scales as your workloads increase or contract, usage-based pricing saves you from overpaying for over-provisioned managed services costs or facing outages or service degradations due to underprovisioning.

InfluxDB Cloud Offerings

Free Plan

Rate limited plan for quickly and easily learning InfluxDB and prototyping. Single click upgrade to Usage-Based Plan

Usage-Based Plan

For more extensive testing and development and smaller or early stage production workloads. Pay only for what you use - no minimums or long term commitment.

Annual Plans

Committed use plans for production or high volume workloads offering scale discounts, elevated support, and enhanced feature access


Single-tenant environment for high volume production workloads offering workload isolation, private networking, elevated support and enhanced feature access

Fully managed
Service Environment Serverless, Multi-tenant Serverless, Multi-tenant Serverless, Multi-tenant Single-tenant
Uptime SLA
Pricing Free Usage-based Usage-based, committed scale discounts Annual subscription based on dedicated instance configuration
Writes 5MB/5 mins 500MB/5 mins Contact Sales No applied service quota
Queries- Data Read 300MB/5 mins 3000MB/5 mins Contact Sales No applied service quota
Data Retention 30 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cardinality 10,000 series Starts at 1,000,000 series. Need more? Contact InfluxData Support Contact Sales No applied service quota
Bucket (Database) 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Notification Rules 2 Notification Rules Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Separate Organizations Allowed Per Account Ability to create multiple organizations under the same parent account to separate data for different environments and teams 1 3 20 N/A
Cloud Marketplace AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure Private Offers available
Contact Sales
End to end encryption
Available as an add-on

Available as an add-on
Private networking
Available as an add-on
SOC 2 Type 2
ISO 27001

InfluxDB Cloud Support

Free Plan Usage-Based Plan Annual Plans Dedicated
Community forum
Cloud infrastructure monitored 24x7 (*)
Uptime SLA Not available Not available
InfluxData Help Desk Support (**) (business hours) Not available
Increased response times

Increased response times
InfluxData Help Desk Support (**) (24x7) Not available Not Available
With qualifying annual plan
Dedicated customer success Not available Not available
With qualifying annual plan
Professional Services Not available Not available Contact Sales Contact Sales

(*) does not include for support for questions about using, optimizing or troubleshooting InfluxDB itself.
(**) provides access to support engineers to help troubleshoot issues and answer questions about using and optimizing InfluxDB.

InfluxDB Cloud 2.0

InfluxDB Cloud 2.0

Find out more about InfluxData’s next generation Cloud platform. The whole system has been rewritten as a multi-tenanted, time series service.