Graylog Monitoring Metrics

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Graylog (formerly known as Graylog2) is an open source syslog management platform that helps you to collect, index and analyze syslog on a centralized location. It is based on Elasticsearch, Java, MongoDB, and Scala.

Telegraf Input Plugin: Graylog

Collect both host and Graylog monitoring metrics to keep your server in check and understand when it's time to scale out vertically or horizontally. Here are the 5 core metrics they recommend that you look for:

  • Disk IO utilization
  • Available disk space
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Available file descriptors

The Graylog Telegraf Plugin currently support two types of end points:

  • multiple
  • namespace

End Point can be a mix of one multiple end point and several namespaces end points.

Telegraf Output Plugin: Graylog

This plugin writes to a Graylog instance using the "gelf" format.

It requires a servers name.

Graylog Basics

The Graylog documentation recommends following these rules of thumb when scaling resources for Graylog:

  • Graylog nodes should have a focus on CPU power. These also serve the user interface to the browser.
  • Elasticsearch nodes should have as much RAM as possible and the fastest disks you can get. Everything depends on I/O speed here.
  • MongoDB is storing meta information and configuration data and doesn't need many resources.

Graylog is licensed under the GNU General Public License and does not require license fees for production or non-production use.

Read Graylog’s blog on how to monitor your Graylog system.

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