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The enterprise IoT solution using InfluxDB provides real-time insights and analytics into devices and processes — collecting, storing, and visualizing data from sensors.

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Why a purpose-built time series database?

Sensor data is all time-stamped to help you understand how your processes and equipment are doing over time to help further innovation and improvement.

Why InfluxDB for Enterprise IoT?

There are projected to be nearly 60 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. This data is streaming in real time and will force companies to determine which IoT data platform architecture will be resilient, scalable, and extensible enough to handle these new workloads.

Built for developers, InfluxDB is central to many IoT solutions providing high throughput ingestion, compression and real-time querying of that same data. Efficiency and effectiveness have to start in the data structure, ensuring that time-stamped values are collected with the necessary precision and metadata to provide flexibility and speed in graphing, querying, and alerting.

Using historical data from sensors to gain insights that can be applied to the current situation creates a major competitive advantage. Predictive maintenance, optimized traffic routing, reduced churn management, and enhanced water conservation are all possible with IoT analytics.

With the speed and velocity of events being generated by sensors, businesses want to act on this data in real time with no human interaction. For example, automatically shutting down a pump if a leak is detected, or changing wind turbine direction based on forecasted wind speed, all create an immediate business advantage.

The functional architecture of the InfluxData Enterprise IoT monitoring platform

InfluxDB Architecture Diagram 2023-08-03 NS (2)

“InfluxDB is helping Bboxx become a data-driven business. Instead of just selling boxes, we’ll soon be selling customers a pay-by-the-month plan. It’s the speed, reliability, and scalability of InfluxDB that is enabling us to move ahead with this more flexible and responsive plan.”

David McLean, Senior Developer, Bboxx

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