Telegraf plugins for Kubernetes monitoring

Kubernetes is an open source platform designed to automate the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Using Kubernetes, you can quickly and efficiently respond to customer demand with fast and reliable application deployment, scale-out and new feature rollout. There are two Telegraf plugins for Kubernetes monitoring.

Telegraf Input Plugin: Kubernetes

The Kubernetes input plugin talks to the kubelet API using the /stats/summary endpoint to gather metrics about the running pods and containers for a single host. It is assumed that this plugin is running as part of a daemonset within a Kubernetes installation. This means that Telegraf is running on every node within the cluster. Therefore, you should configure this plugin to talk to its locally running kubelet.

Telegraf Input Plugin: Kubernetes Inventory

The Kubernetes Inventory input plugin generates metrics derived from the state of the following Kubernetes resources:

  • daemonsets
  • deployments
  • nodes
  • persistentvolumes
  • persistentvolumeclaims
  • pods (containers)
  • statefulsets

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