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Learn how to use InfluxDB Cloud to quickly create an external service, website or monitor your open source instance.


Easy to start, easy to scale

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Our time series platform helps you build your software with the full power of InfluxDB without the need to provision infrastructure and manage clusters. With InfluxDB Cloud, you get a serverless experience and can start collecting metrics in minutes by using the popular Telegraf plugins or one of the pre-configured InfluxDB Templates.

InfluxDB Cloud Getting Started Guide

Build it your way

Available for any site, environment, or cloud provider

The versatility of the platform brings an ease and familiarity to developers to build time series applications where they need it and with the tools that are familiar to them. Easily write and query InfluxDB Cloud using one of the 10 native client libraries or the InfluxDB CLI.


Supports millions of metrics per second

InfluxDB Cloud can handle the massive volumes and countless sources of time-stamped data produced by sensors, applications, and infrastructure. You only pay for what you use and the elastic scalability means you can scale up and down with ease.

Vibrant ecosystem of tools for builders

Supported by some of the most popular dev tools

Native support for dashboarding tools like Grafana, Universal Dashboard, Data Studio, 3rd party technologies to write data (Vecto, Apache NiFi, OpenHAB, Apache JMeter, and FluentD), and a console that ties it all together to bring security, data exploration, and overall management of how you collect and store this precious data.

Featured customers:


"BBOXX turned to InfluxData's core time series database, InfluxDB, because "it was a fire up and forget database — it just worked!"


"With InfluxData, PipelineFX is able to measure utilization every minute and bill at a very high frequency. This high level of granularity ensures that customers get a great return on their investment in PipelineFX."

Vonage Success Story

Previously, the only thing we could react to was customer complaints. With InfluxData, we can support our 99,999% service agreement proactively.

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