Consumer IoT

The consumer IoT solution using InfluxDB provides customers with insights and analytics into devices — collecting, storing, and visualizing data from sensors.

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Why a purpose-built time series database?

Sensor data is all time-stamped to help you understand how your processes and equipment are doing over time to help further innovation and improvement.

Why InfluxDB for consumer IoT?

Organizations are keen on providing their end customers with real-time access to the data being collected through their website and mobile apps. People are using the time-stamped data to reduce energy consumption, improve sustainability practices, and to save money.

Monitoring and tracking

Tracking battery performance, turbine production, package delivery status and generally visually monitoring sensor data provides incredible capabilities to the business and their customers. This is usually the first step in any successful IoT project.


Using historical data from sensors to gain insights that can be applied to the current situation creates a major competitive advantage. Predictive maintenance, optimized traffic routing, reduced churn management, and enhanced water conservation are all possible with IoT analytics.

Action and control

With the speed and velocity of events being generated by sensors, businesses want to act on this data in real time with no human interaction. For example, automatically shutting down a pump if a leak is detected, or changing wind turbine direction based on forecasted wind speed, all create an immediate business advantage.

The functional architecture of the InfluxData Consumer IoT monitoring platform


“You can design your database in several different ways. It’s just a matter of trying and seeing which one works best for you.”

Dr. Angelo Fausti, Software Engineer, Vera C. Rubin Observatory

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