Industrial IoT Analytics

The industrial IoT solution using InfluxDB provides real-time insight and analytics into manufacturing processes — collecting, storing and visualizing data from sensors, devices, and industrial equipment.

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Why a purpose-built time series database?

Sensor data is all time-stamped to help you understand how your processes and equipment are doing over time to help further innovation and improvement.

Why InfluxDB for industrial IoT?

The industrial world has a history of modernizing processes in order to keep production running efficiently and safely while minimizing downtime. Yet many are locked in established data historian solutions that are costly and lack the methods needed to provide innovation and interoperability.

In contrast, InfluxDB — the open source time series database — inherently provides diverse design perspectives not available from a single software vendor. It provides the freedom to integrate with other solutions and allows you to adapt the code to fit your ever-changing system requirements.


Collecting event data from your equipment is just the beginning. InfluxDB is a high-performance data store written specifically for time series data. It allows for high throughput ingest, compression, and real-time querying.


Using open source tools provides the operator with the freedom to quickly innovate and never be locked in to a single solution that could easily and quickly become obsolete.

Built for developers

InfluxDB provides write and query capabilities with a command-line interface, a built-in HTTP API, a set of client libraries (e.g., Go, Python, and JavaScript) and Telegraf plugins for common data formats such as OPC-UA, ModBus, MQTT, and more.

The functional architecture of the InfluxData IIoT monitoring platform

InfluxDB Architecture Diagram 2023-08-03 NS (2)

“We needed a database with historical capabilities — InfluxDB was a perfect choice for that as it is a high-performance database that is optimized for storing time series data.”

Dr. Göran Appelquist, CTO, Crosser

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