Teréga, a gas storage and transportation company in southwest France, manages a network of 5,000 kilometers of natural gas pipelines. Their mission is to accelerate the energy transition currently taking place, both at a European and a territorial level. They aim to extend a culture of responsibility to all their business and day-to-day activities.

Teréga modernized their legacy on-premises IT system to better suit their changing business model. They did so by building a cloud-native data historian, IO-Base, with purpose-built time series database InfluxDB as the foundation. Teréga also created Indabox, a proprietary gateway that connects to machine sensors and control devices to collect, process, and assemble data for secure transfer to IO-Base. Indabox creates a unidirectional data flow, from edge to cloud only, which ensures hackers and bad actors can’t connect to their critical infrastructure.

Building their new cloud-native data historian on top of InfluxDB introduced Teréga to benefits of working with real-time metrics, unrestricted data ingestion, and better ecosystem integration. Teréga found working with time series data in this capacity to be so beneficial that they decided to make their new hardware and software available for widespread use through its subsidiary, Teréga Solutions. Indabox is now available for purchase. IO-Base is on the market as a software-as-a-service platform.

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