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InfluxDB - a platform for builders

InfluxDB is a time series platform

InfluxDB empowers developers to build IoT, analytics and monitoring software. It is purpose-built to handle the massive volumes and countless sources of time-stamped data produced by sensors, applications and infrastructure.


Built for developers

Engineered for growth, with enterprise-grade security allowing developers to build anywhere: edge, cloud, on-prem.

Time series database

Ingest metrics, events and logs in a high-performing time series database capable of ingesting millions of data points per second.

Faster time to awesome

Perform analytics to get faster detection, and resolution, or set up alerts or anomaly detection with a simple click.

Powerful APIs and Tools

Developers using the InfluxDB platform build their applications with less effort, less code, and less configuration.

Unrestricted developer productivity

Client and server libraries in everything from React, JavaScript, Go, Python and more.

Explore libraries

Get a head-start with templates

Inspiring templates for every use case. Easy to create and share — find what’s right for you.

Explore templates

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Why developers love using InfluxDB

Never start from scratch

Start from the UI or look under the hood to access raw code and the API. Collaborate with teammates to build and run applications with time series.

Vibrant community

The Influx Community is diverse and highly motivated, making contributions in code, documentation, and advocacy for the InfluxDB and Telegraf projects.

Powerful ecosystem

Streamline your workflow with over 200 Telegraf plugins, integrations with Grafana, Google Data Studio, or data sources like Google Bigtable.

Streamline your workflow with powerful integrations


InfluxDB databases running right now

Time series is the fastest growing database category

IoT monitoring spotlight

InfluxDB helped BBOXX become data-driven by continuously monitoring this solar energy manufacturer’s geographically dispersed 85,000 solar rooftop units to provide insights into customer-usage patterns and anomaly detection.


"On scalability, we wanted to grow from monitoring 1,000 units to 20 million units. So we needed the system to be reliable and stable while growing between those two points. And we needed it to be fast, both for data collection and querying."

David McLean
Senior Developer • BBOXX

  • January ’21
  • 20

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    (Wednesday) 08:00am PST

  • February ’21
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    Come and join us for the January edition of Time Series Meetup: The Virtual Edition. This month Tim Hall, VP of Products at InfluxData, will show you "How to Monitor Your Gaming Computer with a Time Series Database".


    (Wednesday) 10:00am PST


    via Zoom

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    This is your chance to interact directly with Influxers who are available to answer your questions about all things InfluxDB and time series.


    (Wednesday) 08:00am PST


    via Zoom

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