Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Maintain a flawless user experience with responsive applications in a dynamic application environment of continuous integration and delivery using APM.

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Why monitor application performance?

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    Get deep insights for early detection

    Anticipate service disruptions to quickly identify root-cause and reduce time to remediation and recovery.

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    Monitor and optimize the user experience

    Use synthetic or real user traffic to keep experiences consistent and optimal, which translates to higher conversion and retention rates.

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    Automate workflows and provisioning

    Use intelligent triggers integrated with auto-remediation to focus on struggling services and potential breakpoints before they impact user experience.

Keep user experience great with multiple APM approaches.

  • Synthetic transaction monitoring (STM) emulates user traffic and load in order to monitor the application and is useful especially during transition periods, upgrades, updates and new functionalities.

  • Real user monitoring (RUM) reveals the real deal — real users doing what they do — and takes into account every contributing factor to the real end-user experience.

  • Distributed tracing monitoring helps maintain performance visibility of causally-related events in transaction execution in order to protect critical business workflows.

Sample APM implementations using InfluxDB

  • Optimizing end-user experience and purchase transactions in e-commerce space

  • Monitoring transactions in online gambling and gaming platforms

  • Monitoring website availability and performance in real-time via end-user emulation

  • Observing cluster backup transactions in cloud environment

Featured customers:

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“Why InfluxDB? For Playtech, it was very important to have observability, to understand system behavior to predict possible outages and problems in the very early stages.”

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“We recently introduced InfluxDB as our first-class time series database system, where we had the opportunity to work directly with InfluxData to ensure we were on a path that is scalable, robust, and in line with the future direction of their platform.”

Web Shop Fly

“Application monitoring is important for our development team because we can profile the application to send Javascript-based events to InfluxDB to see what actually happens, spot the problem and potentially roll back to the previous version.”

Application performance monitoring made easy

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