A Move to the Cloud and Other Highlights from InfluxData's Third Quarter

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The third quarter of 2019 can be summed up by Influx’s focus on innovation and community. We certainly didn’t take the summer off and there’s a lot to be proud of. Here is a recap of company highlights:

InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 – now available

In September, we announced the general availability of InfluxDB Cloud 2.0, the first serverless time series platform. It was a major undertaking, spanning more than a year of planning and development, touching every department at the company, but it represents the future of time series technology.

"InfluxDB 2.0 is the evolution of our vision to create a complete platform for solving time series data-based problems." – Paul Dix, CTO and founder of InfluxData
"InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 provides a cost-disruptive, highly customizable time series platform that allows developers and operators the flexibility they need to scale their applications while keeping our brand promise of 'Time to awesome.'" – Evan Kaplan, CEO of InfluxData.

Not only does it scale elastically and enable advanced analytics with the power of Flux, but InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 also features transparent usage-based pricing and a free tier. InfluxDB Cloud 2.0 brings together storage, UI and visualization, processing, monitoring and alerting into one cohesive platform. You can learn more about it here and sign up for the free tier here to try it out for yourself! We’ll continue to release more features and expand availability to new regions and public clouds in the months to come. Stay tuned!

Boosting developer engagement

In July, we introduced the InfluxAces program – designed to recognize and support InfluxDB community leaders who are committed to sharing time series data expertise with the broader developer community. The inaugural group included eight individuals, and the program is growing.

The company hosted seven meetups around the world, including new events in Paris, Minneapolis and Chicago, engaging more than 5,000 developers.

Product momentum

  • InfluxDB has been the #1 time series database for more than three years, according to industry authority DB-Engines. And in Q3, it rose to #33 overall (up from 34 in Q2).
  • InfluxDB continues to attract more community users, growing to ~280k daily active instances in Q3 and reaching more than 17k Github ?.
  • We observe how our customers use our time series platform to solve real-world problems and challenges and strive to inspire by example, which is why we introduced two new solutions blueprints in Q3 – for Kubernetes monitoring and industrial IoT. By sharing a vision and implementation examples, we hope to help professionals to take a first step towards adopting time series as part of their data-driven strategies.

Expanding Influx team

The InfluxData team continues to grow – welcoming 30 new people in Q3. We’re also still hiring like crazy in SF, Austin, London and wherever else we can find good people. :)

Check out why Rick Spencer decided to join Influx.


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Influxers everywhere

The InfluxData team traveled far and wide in Q3, speaking at some high-profile and well-attended events, including:

  • Anais Dotis-Georgiou at Strata Data Conference in New York and OSCON in Portland
  • Paul Dix at Open Core Summit in San Francisco
  • Katy Farmer at Open Source Summit North America in San Diego
  • David McKay at Cloud Native London and Cloud Native Edinburgh