Kubernetes Metrics Addition - A Shoutout to our contributors!

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Hopefully you have already read Nathan’s blog on the exciting news about the new version of Telegraf and Kapacitor. We are especially proud of the added Kubernetes metrics that can now be collected and acted upon. As an open source platform, we are able to quickly add key functionality like this because of the effort of the collective community. This is one of the reasons why the community means so much to us; and without you, our product would not be as great as it is. The proof is in the numbers - just check out the key stats on Github like Stars & number of Contributors!

Starting today, we plan to highlight the great contributions that will emerge. We are thrilled that our contributors are as excited about our project as we are, and as a small token of our appreciation, we will be sending out new t-shirts to contributors as a “thank you.” As an added bonus, send us a selfie with the t-shirt and we will post it for all to see!

Shout out to Jonathan Chauncey

For our first shout out, we’d like to thank Jonathan Chauncey of Deis for his telegraf plugin. It extends the type of metrics gathered for your kubernetes cluster from memory load & memory utilization to als o include request per second, queue depth, latency. This new plugin alongside our new release of Kapacitor will allow our community to auto-scale their kubernetes cluster based on these new metrics.

Big thank you to our contributors and we look forward your feedback and continued contribution to the project!