Announcing Chronograf 0.2.0 with Embedded Graphs, Custom Time Ranges, and More!

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The first release of Chronograf happened just under 3 months ago, and we’re proud to announce today that we’re releasing a new version, v0.2.0.

The Chronograf team has done a ton of work since that first release, with the goal of making a great visualization experience for InfluxDB. Below, I’ll outline some of the most significant changes.

Embedding graphs in iframes

Through Chronograf’s sharing interface, you can now grab a code snippet to embed a graph using an iframe. This was a heavily requested feature, and makes it easy to quickly design a graph and insert it into an existing web page. Now you can put Chronograf graphs directly into your admin panels in your application.

Support multiple InfluxDB instances

In this release, Chronograf has gained a servers pane, where you can add multiple InfluxDB servers, manage their settings, and control authentication settings on a per-server basis.

Additionally, you can now specify a server, database, and retention policy on each query, allowing you to build a single graph with data from multiple InfluxDB instances or with different levels of precision in your retention policies.

Custom time ranges

With this release you can now define custom time ranges for your graphs.

Persistence and configuration

Chronograf now has a persistence layer built in, which will use either a local database format or a configurable MySQL database. This is configurable through a new TOML file that will be expanded in the future. You can generate a config file by using the command chronograf -sample-config

Native build for OSX

Chronograf v0.1.0 never had an official build released for OSX, but this is something we’ll be supporting permanently going forward. This was another often-requested feature, and makes it easy to use Chronograf as part of a development workflow on OSX.

We’ll explore other distribution methods in the future, but for now we’ll be using the homebrew-binary tap for Homebrew. You can keep an eye on this PR for exact availability.

Give it a try!

This release of Chronograf is just the beginning, but we hope you’ll give it a try. We look forward to hearing from everyone in the community on what you’d love to see next.

Head on over to the download page and grab Chronograf v0.2.0 and keep an eye out here for more posts about how to get the most out of Chronograf and InfluxDB.

Note: Chronograf v0.2.0 should work with most v0.9.x versions of InfluxDB, but we recommend using v0.9.4.2 or higher to take advantage of the latest measurement exploration updates.