InfluxDB, Telegraf and Kapacitor 0.11 GA Now Available!

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We’re excited to announce that InfluxDB, Telegraf and Kapacitor 0.11 GA are now available for immediate download.

New in InfluxDB 0.11 GA - Query Performance Gains

InfluxDB 0.11 has huge improvements to the query engine to improve performance, stability, and solve some of the out of memory issues that some users were seeing on larger queries. The new query engine is anywhere from 1.4x to 3.8x faster for many queries. By popular request, we’ve also started creating ARM builds! This release has many other improvements including 22 Features and 42 bug fixes. (A list of breaking changes are in the release notes section here.)

The new query engine is important because it lays the foundation for many exciting new query features. New functions and ways to transform and combine series will be in the upcoming releases as a result of this effort. We’ll also give administrators the ability to see and even kill long running queries along with other controls limiting resource utilization.

Now let’s take a look at some of the performance gains from this query engine work. The first has a 10,000 unique series each with 1,000 points. We then ran queries to count all of the points in these series. With this query we saw a 29% decrease in the query response time!


The next test we ran was to query the count on a single series that contained 10 million data points. For this query we saw a 74% decrease in the query response time.


NOTE: For anyone running on version or below, it’s important to note that this release has all of the huge performance gains for write throughput and compression that we put out in 0.10.0. If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading, now’s the time to do it. Contact us to start a conversation on how to get your project migrated to InfluxDB 0.11!

New in Kapacitor 0.11 - Performance Gains and Simplified API

We are excited to announce that Kapacitor 0.11 GA is here with some big changes. Kapacitor is significantly more performant, exposes internal performance metrics, and has a simplified API for working with functions from InfluxQL.

Much of the effort that went into this release was on improving the performance of Kapacitor and providing users the needed tools to right-size their Kapacitor instance. Kapacitor is now up to 4x faster in some cases. A user can now also get stats about how fast their task is running and which steps are slowest. With this data now readily available, a user can now decide how large to make a Kapacitor instance, eliminating any guesswork.

In order to make Kapacitor easier to use we have changed the way TICKscripts use functions from InfluxQL. Now you can write:


…directly instead of having to use the mapReduce function. The old syntax will continue to work throughout this release, but will be dropped in version 0.12.

Kapacitor can also communicate with multiple InfluxDB clusters. Update the configuration with multiple InfluxDB sections and specify which cluster to use in the TICKscript. With this simple addition, Kapacitor can now act as a Continuous Query engine between different InfluxDB clusters.

New in Telegraf 0.11.1 - UDP & TCP Plugins and More

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of  Telegraf 0.11.1, which includes support for TCP and UDP input plugins. These plugins are able to parse multiple data formats (including InfluxDB line protocol and graphite) and write them to any configured output.

We are also releasing three new plugins for gathering additional system metrics:

  • NTP Query runs the ntpq command and returns NTP query metrics such as offset, delay, jitter, etc.
  • Processes gathers information on the overall processes running on the system. It counts total processes, as well as processes in states such as zombie, sleeping, running, etc. On Linux it will also gather thread information.
  • Kernel gathers generic kernel metrics available in /proc/stat, this plugin is only available on Linux.

For additional features and bug fixes check out the release notes.

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