Announcing InfluxDB, Telegraf and Kapacitor 0.12 - Kill Query and New Functions

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We are excited to announce that InfluxDB, Telegraf and Kapacitor 0.12 GA have been released and ready for download.

InfluxDB improvements

This is the first version of the stand-alone server of InfluxDB. It’s important to note that to upgrade you’ll have to do a small migration of the metadata. See the upgrade details here. For users of the open source products that are looking for an HA option, we’ve also completed the first version of the InfluxDB Relay.

One of the more important features of this release are query management and limitations. You can now see what queries are running by issuing the following query:


You can then kill one of those queries by running:


This is one of the long requested features and will now give administrators the ability to kill a query that has been running for too long. We’ve also added some configuration options that lets administrators limit how many points, series, or group by intervals a query can hit.

If a user issues a query that passes over those limits it will be terminated and an error returned back. You can see the settings in the example config file.

This release also added support for two functions that have long been on the request list: difference and moving average!

This release has 22 features and 13 bug fixes, see the CHANGELOG for full details.

Telegraf Enhancements

What’s Telegraf? It’s InfluxDB’s native data collector that leverages a plugin architecture with over 60 inputs and outputs supported already!

Lots of great features shipping with 0.12, including:

  • Parse environment variables in the config file: you can now specify env variables in your config file (such as `$USER` or `$MYSQL_HOST`). This can be used anywhere in the config file as strings, booleans, or integers for configuration items or tags.
  • JSON serializer: Telegraf now has the ability to output data in JSON. Parse singular values: Telegraf can parse individual values from scripts or executables. This means that you can specify something as simple as `cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail` as an `exec` command, and get parsed data!
  • Nagios parser: allows you to run nagios scripts using the exec plugin.
  • IPMI hardware sensors: If you have ipmitool installed on your system, you can now utilize the `ipmi_sensor` plugin to grab data from each sensor.
  • Couchbase input plugin: gather stats from your Couchbase servers.

Kapacitor Enhancements

What’s Kapacitor? It’s InfluxDB’s native alerting, pre/post data processing engine that supports UDFs (via TICKscripts) to enable things like anomaly detection in real-time.

Kapacitor 0.12 brings significant improvements to the TICKscript syntax. Now with two new operators to distinguish different kinds of methods you will never be left guessing what structure the task pipeline has or when a UDF is being used. In addition to the new syntax a utility for formatting TICKscripts to a common standard has been included. Now reading and writing TICKscripts is a cleaner more precise task, so you can focus on the problem at hand. Along with these changes several bugs have been squashed, see the CHANGELOG release notes for more details.

What's next

  • Download 0.12 of the TICK stack!
  • Need help migrating from 0.8x or 0.9x to 0.11? We are here to help! Drop us a line at [email protected] to get your migration project started.
  • Looking to level up your InfluxDB knowledge? Check out our economically priced trainings