Announcing InfluxDB, Telegraf, Kapacitor and Enterprise 1.0 RC1

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InfluxData team is excited to announce the 1.0 release candidate (RC1) of the Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograf, Kapacitor projects and InfluxDB Enterprise, our clustering and monitoring product. These projects have been years in the making, so are pleased to have finalized the API and all the features for the 1.0 release. From now until the 1.0 final release we’ll only merge bug fixes into the 1.0 branch.

Robust & Stable APIs

We’ve already done extensive testing on both the single server and clustered versions of InfluxDB, so these releases should be considered very stable. We’ll be rolling out the 1.0 release candidate to all of our customers in InfluxDB Cloud over the next week or two.

Purpose Built for Time-Series

InfluxDB 1.0 will be shipping with our purpose built storage engine for time series data, the Time Structured Merge tree. It gives incredible write performance while delivering compression better than generalized solutions. Depending on the shape of your data, each individual value, timestamp pair can take as little as 2 bytes, including all the tag and measurement metadata. Continuous queries and retention policies give users the ability to have the database manage the data lifecycle automatically by aggregating data for longer term trends while dropping older high precision data.

Telegraf: InfluxDB's Data Collector

Telegraf is shipping with over 70 input plugins including system metrics, log parsing, Docker metrics, and other well known services like MySQL, Hadoop, Cassandra and others. Most importantly for this release, Telegraf has an all new SNMP plugin developed by Patrick Hemmer from our user community!

Check out the Telegraf release notes to learn more about what’s in 1.0.

Kapacitor: InfluxDB's Data Processing and Alerting Engine

Kapacitor ships with all of the InfluxDB input methods and the ability to output to multiple sources. With its scripting language TICKscript, developers can set rules for transforming time series data on the fly or monitor in real time and periodically. It works great for both stream and batch processing, letting users trigger alerts like 3 sigma deviations, a dead man’s switch, or absolute threshold levels.

Check out the Kapacitor release notes to learn more about what’s in 1.0.

InfluxDB Enterprise: Cluster, Monitor & Scale

The InfluxDB Enterprise release features high availability and clustering for InfluxDB along with a web management UI. For users looking to run in production, it’s the best way to ensure scalability and availability in an InfluxDB setup. Sign up to start your FREE trial.

What's Next?

We’ll be working with our customers and users over the following weeks to do additional in-production testing to shake out any last bugs. Our goal is to get to the 1.0 final release in September.

BONUS: We’ve listened to Chronograf users and the open source community and have an exciting announcement concerning Chronograf to share in the coming weeks! Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to get the announcement.