Announcing Kapacitor 1.0 - A Data Processing Engine for InfluxDB

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Kapacitor 1.0 GA is here. Kapacitor is the brains of the TICK stack. You can leverage Kapacitor to process your data for various business needs and use it to find changes or anomalies within your time series data. We have come a long way since the 0.13.1 release of Kapacitor back in mid May 2016. Since then, we’ve added 33 new features and 42 bug fixes. We had many PRs from the community, from simple bug fixes to major features. Thanks to everyone for helping improve Kapacitor!

What's new?

Of the new features in 1.0 there are eight we want to highlight, three of which are community contributions…

  • HTTP based subscriptions: Goodbye to the complexity of managing a unique UDP port per database, HTTP subscription are here and provide a simpler, more reliable transport from InfluxDB to Kapacitor.
  • Template Tasks: You can now define templates so that multiple tasks that share common behavior can easily be managed together.
  • Holt-Winters Forecasting: Start using Kapacitor for more complex anomaly detection tasks, Holt-Winters is the first of many powerful algorithms to be added to the TICK stack.
  • Alert Reset Expressions: Noise from alerts is a plague. Thanks to @minhdanh, you can now define reset expressions for your alert levels to reduce alert noise.
  • Group By Fields: Convert any field into a tag so that you can use it to group your data streams.
  • Telegram Alerting: You can now send messages to Telegram thanks to @burdandrei.
  • Better and Faster Lambda Expressions: @yosiat greatly improved the performance of lambda expressions and added support for conditional logic.
  • Live Replays: Replay data directly from InfluxDB without going through any intermediate steps.

Beyond 1.0

On the roadmap are improvements to alert management, UDF snapshots and more powerful algorithms. We plan to add API endpoints where you can query the state of alerts. Snapshots are going to be revamped so that your UDFs can easily save their state and even restore from a previous version. This will make saving your trained models a simple managed process within Kapacitor. For more details on what we are planning check out the planned milestones.

What's next

  • Download: 1.0 GA downloads for the TICK-stack are live on our "downloads" page
  • Deploy on the Cloud: Get started with a FREE trial of InfluxDB Cloud featuring fully-managed clusters, Kapacitor and Grafana.
  • Deploy on Your Servers: Want to run InfluxDB clusters on your servers? Try a FREE 14-day trial of InfluxDB Enterprise featuring an intuitive UI for deploying, monitoring and rebalancing clusters, plus managing backups and restores.
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