Announcing Telegraf 0.1.9 with Clustering, OpenTSDB and AMQP support

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We are excited to announce that Telegraf 0.1.9, InfluxDB’s native, open source data collecting agent, is now available!

What's new

Support for InfluxDB Clusters

PR #143: Telegraf can now write data to InfluxDB clusters by listing out your instances in the URL parameter of the Telegraf config file. Telegraf will randomly select servers until it successfully makes a write.

Support for filtering telegraf outputs on the CLI

PR #217: Telegraf will now allow filtering of output sinks on the command-line using the -outputfilterflag, much like how the -filter flag works for plugins.

Support for filtering on config-file creation

PR #217: Telegraf now supports filtering to -sample-config command. You can now run telegraf -sample-config -filter cpu -outputfilter influxdb to get a config file with only the cpu plugin defined, and the influxdb output defined.

Makefile GOBIN support

PR #181: make will now work despite a custom bin directory, courtesy of @Vye.

AMQP output plugin

PR #200: Telegraf now supports AMQP output, courtesy of @ekini.

OpenTSDB output plugin

PR #182: Telegraf now supports output to OpenTSDB using telnet mode, courtesy of @rplessl.

Retry failed server connections

PR #187: Telegraf can now be configured to retry the connection to InfluxDB if the initial connection fails.

Add a port tag to the Apache plugin

PR #220: You can now select your Apache port number depending on the URL scheme, courtesy of @neezgee.

Release notes

Config change

InfluxDB output config change: url is now urls, and is a list. Config files will still be backwards compatible if only url is specified.

-test flag output

The -test flag will now output two metric collections

Breaking change: CPU collection plugin

The CPU collection plugin has been refactored to fix some bugs and outdated dependency issues. At the same time, I also decided to fix a naming consistency issue, so cpu_percentageIdle will becomecpu_usage_idle. Also, all CPU time measurements now have it indicated in their name, so cpu_idle will become cpu_time_idle. Additionally, cpu_time measurements are going to be dropped in the default config.

Breaking change: Memory plugin

The memory plugin has been refactored and some measurements have been renamed for consistency. Some measurements have also been removed from being outputted. They are still being collected bygopsutil, and could easily be re-added in a “verbose” mode if there is demand for it.

…plus 11 bug fixes! Get the full story by checking out the official 0.1.9 changelog on GitHub.

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