Announcing Telegraf 0.11 with UDP & TCP Input Plugins Plus NTP Query & Processes Inputs

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We are excited to announce the immediate availability of  Telegraf 0.11, which includes support for TCP and UDP input plugins. These plugins are able to parse multiple data formats (including InfluxDB line protocol and graphite) and write them to any configured output.

We are also releasing three new plugins for gathering additional system metrics:

  • NTP Query runs the ntpq command and returns NTP query metrics such as offset, delay, jitter, etc.
  • Processes gathers information on the overall processes running on the system. It counts total processes, as well as processes in states such as zombie, sleeping, running, etc. On Linux it will also gather thread information.
  • Kernel gathers generic kernel metrics available in /proc/stat, this plugin is only available on Linux.

Additional features and bugfixes in this release below…


  • #692: Support InfluxDB retention policies
  • #771: Default timeouts for input plugns. Thanks @PierreF!
  • #758: UDP Listener input plugin, thanks @whatyouhide!
  • #769: httpjson plugin: allow specifying SSL configuration.
  • #735: SNMP Table feature. Thanks @titilambert!
  • #754: docker plugin: adding docker info metrics to output. Thanks @titilambert!
  • #788: -input-list and -output-list command-line options. Thanks @ebookbug!
  • #778: Adding a TCP input listener.
  • #797: Provide option for persistent MQTT consumer client sessions.
  • #799: Add number of threads for procstat input plugin. Thanks @titilambert!
  • #776: Add Zookeeper chroot option to kafka_consumer. Thanks @prune998!
  • #811: Add processes plugin for classifying total procs on system. Thanks @titilambert!
  • #235: Add number of users to the system input plugin.
  • #826: "kernel" linux plugin for /proc/stat metrics (context switches, interrupts, etc.)
  • #847: ntpq: Input plugin for running ntp query executable and gathering metrics.


  • #748: Fix sensor plugin split on ":"
  • #722: Librato output plugin fixes. Thanks @chrusty!
  • #745: Fix Telegraf toml parse panic on large config files. Thanks @titilambert!
  • #781: Fix mqtt_consumer username not being set. Thanks @chaton78!
  • #786: Fix mqtt output username not being set. Thanks @msangoi!
  • #773: Fix duplicate measurements in snmp plugin. Thanks @titilambert!
  • #708: packaging: build ARM package
  • #713: packaging: insecure permissions error on log directory
  • #816: Fix phpfpm panic if fcgi endpoint unreachable.
  • #828: fix net_response plugin overwriting host tag.
  • #821: Remove postgres password from server tag. Thanks @menardorama!

What's next

  • Get started with Telegraf here.