Announcing Telegraf 0.2.0 with StatsD, MQTT, and Improved Scalability

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We are excited to announce that Telegraf 0.2.0, InfluxDB’s native, open source data collecting agent, is now available!

What's New

Release Notes

  • The -test flag will now only output 2 collections for plugins that need it.
  • There is a new agent configuration option: flush_interval. This option tells Telegraf how often to flush data to InfluxDB and other output sinks. For example, users can set interval = "2s"and flush_interval = "60s" for Telegraf to collect data every 2 seconds and flush every 60 seconds.
  • precision and utc are no longer valid agent config values. precision has moved to the InfluxDB output config, where it will continue to default to s
  • Debug and test output will now print the raw line-protocol string.
  • Telegraf will now, by default, round the collection interval to the nearest even interval. This means that interval="10s" will collect every :00, :10, etc.
  • To address scaling concerns Telegraf now adds a small amount of "jitter" to the flush period. This ensures that if a large number of Telegraf instances are deployed, they do not all flush at the same instant. The amount of jitter can be controlled via the configuration file.
  • Telegraf will now retry metric flushes twice.


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