Announcing Telegraf 0.2.0 with StatsD, MQTT, and Improved Scalability

We are excited to announce that Telegraf 0.2.0, InfluxDB’s native, open source data collecting agent, is now available!

What's New

Release Notes

  • The -test flag will now only output 2 collections for plugins that need it.
  • There is a new agent configuration option: flush_interval. This option tells Telegraf how often to flush data to InfluxDB and other output sinks. For example, users can set interval = "2s"and flush_interval = "60s" for Telegraf to collect data every 2 seconds and flush every 60 seconds.
  • precision and utc are no longer valid agent config values. precision has moved to the InfluxDB output config, where it will continue to default to s
  • Debug and test output will now print the raw line-protocol string.
  • Telegraf will now, by default, round the collection interval to the nearest even interval. This means that interval="10s" will collect every :00, :10, etc.
  • To address scaling concerns Telegraf now adds a small amount of "jitter" to the flush period. This ensures that if a large number of Telegraf instances are deployed, they do not all flush at the same instant. The amount of jitter can be controlled via the configuration file.
  • Telegraf will now retry metric flushes twice.


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