Announcing Telegraf 1.0 - The Plugin-Driven Agent for Collecting Metrics

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Telegraf 1.0 GA is here. Telegraf is InfluxDB’s native data collector, the first step of the TICK stack. You can use Telegraf to collect metrics from a wide range of inputs and write those metrics into InfluxDB or other supported outputs.

1.0 is a big date in Telegraf’s journey, and as an open-source project it has come a very long way. I took over as the maintainer of the project just over a year ago (my first commit was August 3rd), when there were 18 input plugins and only 1 output plugin (InfluxDB). Today, there are over 80 input plugins and 18 output plugins, and it’s still growing.

Since the release of 0.13.1 we’ve had nearly 40 features or enhancements added and more than 45 bugfixes. Many of the features and PRs came from the community, thank you to everyone who contributed!

New in this release

Of the new features in 1.0 there are three we want to highlight, all of which are community contributions…

  • New SNMP Plugin: The previous SNMP plugin was difficult to use and configure, and was quite limited in it's output schema. Thanks to @phemmer for writing a brand new one.
  • New Webhooks Plugin: There is a new webhooks plugin that allows for multiple webhooks services to run on a single port. Thanks to @francois2metz and @cduez. More can be read about it here.
  • Windows Service: Telegraf now supports being installed as a real Windows Service, much thanks to @butitsnotme for this PR. You can read more here.

Beyond 1.0

On the roadmap are an HTTP input listener (a Telegraf clone of the InfluxDB http endpoint), NATS output plugin, Histogram (aggregation) support, and improvements to the existing documentation and handling of external plugins. For more details on what we are planning check out the planned milestones.

What's next

  • Download: 1.0 GA downloads for the TICK-stack are live on our "downloads" page
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