Announcing the InfluxDB Slack Channel

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With the recent blog on contributing to InfluxDB, we have seen a significant increase in community pull requests! To make sure that we are supporting the community as much as possible, we will now be active on the #influxdb channel on Gopher Slack Community.

Why not create your own community slack?

The Gopher Slack community is very vibrant. Since InfluxDB is a Go project, it makes sense to stay within that community. It also allows developers who want to learn Go as well as contribute to projects like InfluxDB, making it the perfect ecosystem to ask questions about both Go and InfluxDB.

How to join

To join, you first need to request an invite. This is free, and can be done by filling out this form. After you submit the form, you will receive an email with an invitation link. Follow that link to complete your registration. Once you have finished registration, you can join the #influxdb channel.


Read up on how to contribute or go straight to the help wanted issues.