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Evan Kaplan

Evan Kaplan

Evan is the CEO at InfluxData and he is a passionate entrepreneur and technology leader with nearly twenty years of experience in the CEO role. Evan s career spans from creating startups in his own garage to leading NASDAQ-listed companies generating nearly $200m in annual revenue. Prior to InfluxData, Evan served as Executive in Residence at Trinity Ventures, and President and CEO at iPass Corporation (the leader in Global Wi-Fi connectivity), and Founder, Chairman, and CEO at Aventail Corporation (the pioneer of SSLVPN s, now part of the Dell Corporation).

Time Series for Intelligent Sustainability

As the world continues to face unparalleled uncertainties due to climate change, using energy efficiently is more important than ever. Time series data plays a critical role in helping organizations operate in a greener and more sustainable way. In Finland, EnerKey...

InfluxData 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a great year for InfluxData. But before I get into the details, I need to emphasize that none of this was possible without the incredible open source community around InfluxDB, the customers that rely on our products, and the...

IoT Revolution, Smart Systems, and Our Planet

When people think of self-driving cars and the IoT Revolution, their thoughts turn to the very real, first-person experience: What will it be like to trust a machine to drive? Will it be safe? What if my car is hacked, or...

Velocity and Maturity

Today we made a couple of important InfluxData announcements. The first, on the product side, was the introduction of the 1.2 version of the entire TICK stack with significant performance, usability and reliability improvements and the concurrent release of the 1.2...

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