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Madu Mitha Ravi

Madu Mitha Ravi

Madu Mitha Ravi is Senior Software Engineer at InfluxData. She has a Masters in Computer Science from University of Regina and Masters in Business Administration from Amity University. She is a Performance Enthusiast with 12 years of skills in making the products more performant by implementing her strong Performance engineering, tuning & testing skills. She loves developing tools in Python & GoLang and has a keen interest in Data Analytics. Apart from technical stuff, she loves traveling and fashion.

How to Connect Grafana & InfluxDB IOx

This article was originally published on and is reposted here with permission from the author. Trying to connect Grafana & InfluxDB IOx? Follow this tutorial to learn how. Assumption InfluxDB IOx account is set with a bucket that gets populated...

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