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Martti Kontula

Martti Kontula

Martti Kontula is the Chief Technology Officer at EnerKey. He joined the company then known as Enegia three and half years ago as an Enterprise Architect. Before joining Enegia/EnerKey he worked at software/project delivery companies for nearly 20 years as a developer, a technical lead, an architect or as a team leader. This experience has been invaluable, especially now that he's more likely on the buyer's side of the table, EnerKey uses some subcontracting to help build their products.

Before studying information technology at Jyväskylä University, he started his early career back in the 90's when the internet was all new and full of opportunities. He remembers a curious technology stack where an online store was selling gospel CD's – O'Reilly books for CGI programming in C. They were sold out at the local shop and he had to adapt them for the PERL version. He's been reading and writing regexps in his dreams ever since.

He lives in a small community called Muurame next to the city of Jyväskylä with his wife. He's a cycling enthusiastic, passionate golfer and ski instructor when he has some time off work.

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