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Nate Isley

Nate Isley

Nate joined the world s leading time series database platform team after fifteen years of delivering Application Performance Management (APM) solutions. His years of monitoring All The ThingsTM as a Product Manager, Consultant, and Sales Engineer gave him a solid time series foundation, but he s looking forward to new use cases. While Nate s primary product manager duties focus on InfluxData's on-premise commercial offering, he is excited to help customers solve problems wherever they encounter them.

Exploring Geo-Temporal Flux

Flux recently added geo-temporal capabilities to its arsenal, and I have been exploring how to effectively use this new combination of time series and geolocation data. To help get you started, we’ll cover a geo-temporal overview and then look into a...

Using Secret Stores to Secure Flux Access

Multi-data source Flux opens up endless variations in time series analysis, but as with all data access, new communications open potential attack vectors for shady actors. To secure your sensitive credentials, use InfluxDB’s integrated secret store and Flux’s new secrets library....

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