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Ryan Betts

Ryan Betts

Ryan has been building high performance infrastructure software for over twenty years. Prior to InfluxData, Ryan was the second employee and CTO at VoltDB. Before VoltDB, he spent time building SOA security and core networking products. Ryan holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Babson College.

InfluxDB Internals 101 - Part Two

Query path: reading data from InfluxDB Indexing points for query A note on TSI (on disk indexes) Executing queries A note on IFQL DELETE and DROP - removing data from InfluxDB Updating points Introduction Part One of this series describes the...

Why I Joined InfluxData - Ryan Betts

Ever take a long break and think about changing careers or industries only to realize that you still absolutely love building high-performance databases? I did, and I’m thrilled to have recently joined InfluxData to continue that path. I took seven months...

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