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Teppo Kurki

Teppo Kurki

Teppo has been working as software consultant at Reaktor for over 12 years. He has juggled different hats from software development and architecture to team management during the company's journey from 70 software geeks to 500+ people excelling in building digital products and services, with offices in Helsinki, Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Dubai and Stockholm.
Teppo got into open marine data more by accident than by design: his previous season's DIY software was no longer compatible with the devices he bought next year. This was the spark to reach out to other open source developers, because surely others had the same need for a single, modern data format. One thing led to another and Signal K was born. Signal K combines a generic data transport system, based on modern protocols, with a domain specific data model to provide an extensible solution for managing all onboard data. It is easy to start with for a tinkerer, but scales to hundreds of sensors and cloud communications.
Onboard data is time series data by nature, recording and controlling all aspects of a modern ship's passage. Teppo has been using InfluxDB onboard his sailboat for years now, recording all the incoming data for monitoring and analysis.

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