Why An IoT Guy Joined InfluxData

It’s my first week here at InfluxData, and I’ve been asked “Why would this IoT guy join InfluxData?” a bunch of times. Well glad you asked! First, a little bit about me as an IoT guy, and then why I joined InfluxData and why it’s a perfect fit. Who’s This IoT Guy? I...

Running InfluxDB on an ARTIK-520 REDUX

David Simmons has written a great blog on his experience on running InfluxDB on an ARTIK-520 REDUX.  What really amazed me is how quick he was able to download and get it running in 90 seconds! — Yes 90 seconds! First, I’ll say that getting it all up and running...
IoT Revolution, Smart Systems, and Our Planet

IoT Revolution, Smart Systems, and Our Planet

When people think of self-driving cars and the IoT Revolution, their thoughts turn to the very real, first-person experience: What will it be like to trust a machine to drive? Will it be safe? What if my car is hacked, or worse yet, develops an independent AI-driven...

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